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About American Vascular Specialists

American Vascular Specialists is the leading vascular and endovascular surgery practice in the Valley of Phoenix (Mesa, Avondale, & Chandler, Arizona). The experienced medical care team offers comprehensive vascular and endovascular care to  patients, including treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysm, vascular disease care, aneurysm repair, dialysis access, stent placement, and much more. 

The American Vascular Specialists team follows a patient-first philosophy. To ensure that every patient receives the attention they deserve, the team includes two expert physicians who specialize in vascular and endovascular care. Patients can always count on getting the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments using the latest cutting-edge medical technology. The American Vascular Specialists team is highly experienced in minimally invasive procedures, and they always use the most conservative and most effective treatment possible to minimize prolonged recoveries.

At this time, American Vascular Specialists is accepting new patients. Patients from around the Phoenix area can call the office or use online booking now.